Word Search: 100 puzzles in large font! (Volume 1)

Word Search: 100 puzzles in large font! (Volume 1)

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ISBN : 1499732724
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Apr, 20 2018

Product Description

I’m sure you all know what Word Search, Word Sleuth or Word Find puzzles are.
Nonetheless, the puzzles in this collection come with an additional twist: those letters in the grid which do not belong to any of the search words form another word, which represents the solution of the puzzle! It’s something to look forward to while solving and it will motivate to persist in finding those hidden words!
Each puzzle has a theme: from movies, books, TV shows, authors, sports and athletes, science and math terms, animals, flowers and other plants, to words that will test and improve your vocabulary.
All letters are printed in a large font so you don’t need a magnifying glass to find them!