Choosing Great Cameras For Cruises & Tours

Choosing Great Cameras For Cruises & Tours

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ISBN : 1986588688
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Apr, 26 2018

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If you Google the phrase “best cameras for cruising,” you’ll get about 20 citations providing recommendations that are mostly wrong. They don’t consider factors that make cruises different from other vacations: Weather conditions—If your ship docks in Monaco for six hours, and it’s raining cats and dogs, you’ll want to shoot with cameras that can handle these weather conditions. Sea conditions—On the 18-day Australian cruise described in this book, the ship was rocking and rolling for 15 of the days, with 40 mph wind gusts and 6–9 feet seas as everyone’s constant companions. If you want to shoot sharp photos around the ship, you’ll need stabilized cameras or lenses. New airlines regulations—Often now, everything you carry onto the plane is limited to 15–18 pounds, and you can only place one bag in the overhead carrier. What do you need to do, if you don’t want to risk checking your camera gear? Physical limitations—Most people who cruise more than a week are over 50 years of age. If you opt to take more than a three-pound camera on activities that require more than about a half-mile of walking, you’re likely to leave the camera onboard the next time you venture ashore. Choosing Great Cameras for Cruises & Tours takes these factors (and many others) into consideration to help you decide the cameras to carry with you. It also explains why it’s easier to take 2–3 cameras on your next cruise, provided that all the cameras and lenses weigh less than seven pounds. The book doesn’t ask you to rely on just the author’s recommendations. In the Kindle edition, that comes free with this book, all cameras, lenses, and accessories are hyperlinked to detailed reviews by some of the most widely-read reviewers writing about cameras today. Steve Frankel, the author, has used all the gear he recommends for at least one cruise. He supports his recommendations with the color photos that he includes in the book, that are taken with the cameras and lenses he favors. He has cruised more than 100,000 miles on more than 40 cruises, and he uses his library of more than 30,000 travel photos to illustrate the features he likes in cruise cameras. The book is 6 x 9 inches and has 58 pages and 17 color photos. It's presently available in Amazon Kindle and Amazon Createspace editions.